All Of The Questions I Have About Mark Zuckerberg's Booster Seat

    Senator...I need a boost.

    On Tuesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Zuck) testified before two Senate committees in the US where he was asked about fake news, foreign interference in elections, data privacy, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

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    The testimony came after longstanding criticism of Facebook's role in influencing elections (most notably the US presidential election in 2016). People were very excited by everything that was finally transpiring. There were a lot of tweets.

    ZUCKERBERG: im ready to answer any questions u might have about facebook 84-YEAR-OLD SENATOR: excellent. mr zuckerberg my farmville farm needs more pigs but i cannot figure out where to purchase them

    tfw you aren't being grilled by the Senate Judiciary Committee

    However, there's one thing that was only briefly touched upon before disappearing into the ether: Mr Zuckerberg, on his Big Day Before Congress, used...a booster seat.


    A booster seat. To boost him up by about four inches, let's say.


    How you gonna testify to Congress sitting on a booster seat?


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    While the simple fact could be that Zuckerberg is not the tallest guy, do they not have any other chairs in this Great American Congress?

    LOL does he get a kiddie restaurant placemat to draw on with that booster seat (from @KaivanShroff)

    Are there no chairs available that can be raised and lowered? The chair I use at work can be...they're easy to come by.

    Mark Zuckerberg using a booster seat to testify before Congress is the only meme you need today.

    Did Zuck not think people would notice? (They did).

    Stop infantilizing Mark Zuckerberg! Also, here’s his booster seat. (Photographs by Evy Mages.)

    a lot of people are making fun of mark zuckerberg for bringing a booster seat to the senate but have zero problem when my shitty child Dartanian demands one at every goddamn Hardee’s we go to

    This tweet offers no value other than to laugh at Zuckerberg's booster seat.

    Or was this an attempt at some kind of 4D Chess wherein Zuckerberg was trying to take the attention away from his testimony and towards his booster?

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    If this is the case then bravo, Mr Zuckerberg, for you have caught one fish and his name is "me."

    There are indeed a lot of things to consider.

    Uh does Zuckerberg have a booster seat?

    Tech companies pretend they don’t understand the subtlety of the bias their platforms introduce, but OF COURSE they do. Zuckerberg is 5’7” His team has him sitting on a 4” cushion during testimony because they know it’s important for him not to look small or meek in the pics.

    Where can I buy Zuckerberg's booster seat for my 12-year old?

    Zuckerberg faced over five hours of questioning in his first day of testimony. He'll be back in the chair tomorrow to do it all again.

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