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    15 Hot Chips Everyone In Sydney Needs To Try At Least Once

    Give me taterz or give me death.

    1. Duck Fat Chips, The Morrison Hotel.

    2. Kimchi Poutine, Chicken Institute.

    3. Zucchini Fries with Aioli, Firefly Bar Neutral Bay

    4. Chips, Cheese, and Gravy, Lord of the Fries.

    5. Chipotle Chili Chips, Burger Project.

    6. Sweet Potato Chips, Chur Burger.

    7. Chips with Harissa and Chili, German Schnitzel Haus.

    Brad Esposito for BuzzFeed

    While you may head here at first for some schnitzel, make sure you pick up a side of fries for the crispiest, goldenest, yummiest fries in the CBD.

    8. Poutine, Hartsyard.

    9. Beer Battered Chips, Fish on Fire.

    10. Poutine, The Stuffed Beaver.

    11. Kumera Chips, Fishmongers Bondi.

    12. Shoestring Fries, Cheekyburger.

    13. Sweet Potato, Zucchini, and Regular Fries, Grill'd Burgers.

    14. Truffle Fries, Charlie & Co. Burgers.

    Facebook: charlieandcoburgers

    The only way to make fries better? Cover them in parmesan and truffle oil.

    15. Chili Cheese Fries, Chica Bonita.

    Facebook: ChicaBonitaManly

    If you can't decide between the burrito or the chips, grab this pile of starch and dairy a Manly's finest Mexican joint and settle down for a long night of carb loading.

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