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    So "Bogan" Means An Entirely Different Thing In The "Star Wars" World

    Choose the bogan side.

    The sometimes friendly, sometimes not-so-friendly label of "bogan" is used by Australians to describe people who might not carry themselves with the required level of class. Think of them as the Australian redneck, or a chav, for our British friends.

    It's pretty deep in Aussie pop culture – there's even a whole television series glorifying and mocking the bogan lifestyle – and it's also a word thrown around schools like it's nothin'.

    Well, what if I told you – and this will likely come as no surprise to true fans of the franchise – that "Bogan" is a term deeply embedded in the Jedi- and Sith-filled world of Star Wars?

    So there's the planet Tython, and one of its two moons is Bogan. A legend of the Je'daii Order goes that Bogan, and its partner moon Ashla, represent, respectively, the dark and light sides of the Force.

    There's also a five part comic series Prisoner of Bogan.

    So, uh, yeah. As outlined in a pretty great Reddit thread, the dark side of the force is also known as Bogan.