Everyone Is Blaming Barnaby Joyce For Johnny Depp And Amber Heard's Apparent Divorce

    "Barnaby Joyce cucked Depp".

    UPDATE: Barnaby Joyce was asked about the Depp / Heard divorce at a press conference this morning, and refused to "revel" in the news.

    "In all seriousness, the one thing I will never revel in is any relationship breakdown, no matter what animosity that might be seen on the air waves between Mr Depp and myself," he said.

    This morning Australians woke up to the news that Amber Heard had filed for a divorce from Johnny Depp, and there was only one thing on the Aussie public's mind ...

    another victim of barnaby joyce's australia.

    Barnaby. Fucking. Joyce.

    Australia's minister for agriculture has famously battled Depp and Heard over the last 12 months after the couple illegally brought their dogs into the country on a private plane.

    barnaby joyce responsible for two dogs now in broken home no more jet rides with mummy & daddy thanks for nothing barnaby

    The saga included name calling, anger, and even an apology video featuring Depp and Heard that went massively viral.

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    News of the couple's divorce broke just 24 hours after Depp went at Joyce again via Jimmy Kimmel Live, and now Australians are blaming Barnaby Joyce for the breakdown of the couple's marriage.

    Wait does this means Barnaby wins?

    "He just won't shut up about that Barnaby guy! He goes on and on like he's inside his head!" a friend close to Heard said.

    this is your fault Barnaby! https://t.co/t2lzHbaRLH

    Reason For Divorce: Took Australia's quarantine laws lightly.

    Imagine getting relentlessly owned by Australia's Deputy PM *and* divorced in the space of 24 hours. Brutal.

    Joint custody of Pistol & Boo will be a matter for Barnaby, says unofficially sources, probably Barnaby.

    It's all kinda sad, really.

    If Johnny Depp and Amber Heard can't make it, then literally everybody else can.