Posted on 22 Nov 2017

    People Are Actually Trying To Sell Their Work Uniforms So You Can Skip The Lines On Black Friday

    All it took was one viral tweet for people to think it would work.

    A viral tweet that started as a joke has instead resulted in hundreds of people trying to sell the uniforms they wear for work to anyone who might think wearing it would let them surpass Black Friday's huge shopping lines.

    Lmao people really selling their Walmart vest for about $100 just so you can skip the line on blackfriday?? Y'all w…

    On Tuesday, Twitter user @OverlyLiked tweeted that he would be selling his Walmart vest for US$100. "Use it to skip the line during Black Friday," he wrote. "You can even walk in, grab what you want, and walk out."

    I’m selling this Walmart vest for $100. Use it to skip the line during Black Friday. You can even walk in, grab wha…

    Black Friday is the one day of the year in the United States where the usual human decencies of politeness and calm organisation are thrown out the window for the sake of creating the biggest shopping event of the year. Americans absolutely lose their shit.

    After he was flooded with people trying to buy his Walmart vest off of him, @OverlyLiked clarified that he was absolutely 100% joking about the offer. His tweet picked up over 20,000 retweets and 50,000 likes.

    Lol people really been trying to buy the Walmart vest. It was a joke i don’t even own a Walmart vest.

    And then more people popped up trying to sell the uniforms they wore to their jobs at Walmart, or Target, or Best Buy, to anyone who could meet the right dollar amount.

    Now I know them Walmart vest seemed like a good deal ,but I got these Best Buy joints going for $110 walk right in…

    Swear I’ll throw someone my walmart vest & the name badge for an extra 50. 😭

    Some were even re-using the same pics.

    My dude is selling a Walmart vest so you can walk out on Black Friday without being caught😂😂😂

    Yooooo, I just realized I still got @sickasspue vest from when he worked at Walmart! Im bouta walk in and out on bl…

    Walmart vest for sale ‼️80 dollars ..Walk right in ;Get what u want and walk right out on Black Friday 🤷🏾‍♂️ I'm wi…

    Selling my old Walmart vest for $50 if anyone wants it fro Black Friday👀👀 walk straight out & skip lines

    Ima have to wear my Walmart vest this week so I can cut them lines during Black Friday

    Sooooo I legit got a big ass Walmart vest if someone wants to give me money for it

    Walmart has apparently already caught on:

    this spread so fast that at the manager meeting today we were told that if we see anyone we don’t recognize on thur…

    It's not yet known if simply wearing a workplace's uniform will allow you to get served more quickly on Black Friday. A smart guess would say the people that work at whatever store you're going to would realise that you're some completely random person, but, hell — maybe they won't. Black Friday is this week. Good luck.


    BuzzFeed News has contacted Walmart for comment.

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