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This Brand Of Hot Sauce Sold Out After Calling Tony Abbott An Idiot On Their Bottle

Whatever works, eh?

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It is a joke, and nearly everyone gets it.It is actually an old school labeling joke that started in France in the 80's when a clothing company wrote under their washing instructions that they were sorry that their president was an idiot.There are recent examples in the US. Google it.The reaction has been 99.9% of people laugh and see the humor. A very small % get butt hurt and have no sense of humour, and think that 11 tiny words on the back of one of bottles is the worst thing in living memory. But at the same time they think that charging $100k for a university degree or charging families to take their kids to the doctor or cutting defense force pay increases or pension are all good ideas. Oh dear. Please excuse me while I go outside and beat myself with a big stick for being such a bad Australian and ruining the country.

This led to members of the Bill Shorten Will NEVER Be Prime Minister page giving the Darwin Chilli Co. one star reviews.

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