Watch This Huge Snake Vomit Up A Whole Antelope After Trying To Eat It

    Guess the ol' sport really bit off more than it could digest.

    A 4-metre African rock python has been filmed regurgitating a whole antelope that it had been trying to eat.

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    Jaco Kotze (left) reportedly noticed the massive python on his farm in Groblersdal, South Africa, stretched out and unable to move after swallowing the animal.

    The footage shows the python squirming and struggling to push out the whole antelope, unhinging its jaws wider and wider.

    Eventually, it manages to get the whole thing out and wriggles its lengthy body around. In another piece of footage, the snake can be seen trying to bite Arthur Roden, a snake catcher, who is quick enough to avoid its jaws.

    Roden was able to remove the monster python and uploaded a photo of the beast in the back of his ute on its way to another, much safer, location.

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