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    Look At This Fucking Huge, 250kg, Eight-Metre Snake

    Twenty-six feet long and over 500 pounds.

    Look at this big fucking snake.

    Malaysia Civil Defence Force / EPA

    The massive, eight-metre-long (26 foot) python was found in Malaysia, with
    Herme Herisyam,
    operations chief for Penang's Civil Defence Department's southwest district, claiming it is the longest ever found.

    While the huge reticulated python hasn't been officially measured by record keepers yet, it took six members of the Malaysian Civil Defence Force working together to capture the snake after it was found trapped at a construction site.

    Malaysia Civil Defence Force / EPA

    Currently, the biggest snake ever caught is 7.67 metres long and is kept in a haunted house in Kansas City, Missouri.

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    Weighing in at 250 kilograms (550 pounds), the snake was held in captivity for three days before dying after giving birth.

    Malaysia Civil Defence Force / EPA

    It was supposed to be sent to Malaysia's Department of Wildlife but unfortunately died before it was moved.

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