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    People Can't Stop Relating To This Mom's Response To Beyoncé's Coachella Set

    "Last night she texted me: 'how am I supposed to fall asleep knowing I have so many friends all over the world?'"

    This is Natalie Parker, a 20-year-old sophomore at NYU in New York City. She's originally from Orange County, California.


    And this is Natalie with her mom, Kristine.


    Natalie's mom is a big music fan but has been a fan of Beyoncé since Natalie made her watch the Lemonade video album. "She's a big music fan in general and follows a few of her favorite artists pretty religiously," Natalie told BuzzFeed News.

    So when Beyoncé performed at Coachella on Saturday night, becoming the first black woman to headline the Californian music festival, Natalie's mother was very excited.

    Larry Busacca

    Kristine sat up watching the Beyoncé set on YouTube and bombarded her daughter with frantic text messages about Beyoncé's outfits, music, possible wardrobe malfunctions, empowering messages, and more. "I was laughing so much as I texted her my play-by-play," Kristine told BuzzFeed News, "knowing full well she was sleeping and thinking she was going to wake up to a million texts from her kooky mom because I needed to talk to someone."


    There were indeed a lot of messages. So many that Natalie tweeted them all, catching the attention of thousands of people who instantly fell in love with her mom.

    So Beyonce pretty much killed my mother #Beychella

    "She usually blows my phone up every time a new music video comes out but I've never seen anything like this from her before," said Natalie.

    Beyoncé's performance is being heralded by critics as one of the best of the decade, so Kristine isn't alone in her praise.

    Fam. The Black National Anthem. Malcolm X quotes. Nina Simone samples. Stepping and marching bands. Jigga for the deja vu. A Destiny’s Child reunion. A Solange dance collabo. The greatest living entertainer is a Black woman named Beyonce. This is not up for debate. #Beychella

    Beyoncé (Bee-on-say) Verb 1. To be the greatest of all time 2. To slay on all facets of life 3. To do the damn tings e.g "I shall Beyonce my exams" "I shall Beyonce that interview" IT IS A DECLARATION!!! #Beychella

    Okay, so Beyoncé is an undeniable force. 20 years in the game and still fresh and captivating. Brilliant. #Beychella

    But now people aren't just obsessed with Beyoncé's performance — they're obsessed with Kristine's reaction as well.

    Was something like that usual for your mum because that's simply great that she was so enthusiastic about it. Even I am excited now about watching it. Kudos to your mum

    This is the best mom text ever

    How do I get my mom to this level? Is there a tutorial?

    "Wow she did a great job! I'm exhausted" lmao 😂😂

    Kristine said there were a bunch of people saying they wanted her to be their mom. "They have no idea how they've touched my heart with their sweet messages," she said.

    “I hope she beat up Jay Z!” 😂 you’re mom is all of us

    This is the best thing I’ve ever read. 😂😂😂 Poor Momma got SLAYED.

    "Beyoncé fans are adopting her into the Beyhive," said Natalie. "Of course people are loving how extra she was about the whole thing and that she pretty much gave me a play-by-play while I was sleeping. And everyone wants me to take her to one of Beyoncé’s concerts in California this summer so she can see her live."

    Here are some of my favourite quotes:

    "OMG her emotion overwhelms me."

    "She has a lot of naughty moves that make me uncomfortable lol."

    "I didn't know how to feel because I was so overwhelmed the WHOLE time."

    "Although she is very provocative, as you saw in some of the texts I sent you saying I was uncomfortable or confused, I acknowledge I am an old hag."

    "I kept thinking YouTube was going to shut off my feed and make me pay."

    "I mean, how is she even capable of this?"

    But also here's absolutely everything Natalie's mother wrote:

    Natalie said her mom didn't realise how many Beyoncé fans there are in the world, but that she's definitely part of the community now. "Last night she texted me: 'how am I supposed to fall asleep knowing I have so many friends all over the world?"

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