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13 Reasons Resting Bitchface Isn't A Curse

It's a good thing!

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1. No one approaches you for fear of your (probably non existent) anger.

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2. All that snarling gives you a killer jawline!


3. People only approach you when they really need things.

"Hey do you know where all the pens are?"

4. Your smile looks better than others because people don't see it that often.


5. You look more like Kanye.

6. Getting a job is easier because people think you are serious and well-respected.


Even though you're probably a child at heart.

7. You have less wrinkles - because you never smile.


8. And a furrowed brow has always looked hot.

9. You look like you could be in Transformers, or the villain in a James Bond movie.

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If you really want to pull this off you should try getting thinner lips, too.

10. Grumpy Cat is literally your spirit animal.

11. People get out of your way at busy events.


12. You have a great poker face.


13. And you can strike fear into anyone, easily, without trying.

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