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    Posted on 19 Jun 2017

    People Are Sharing Their Dogs' Adorable Transformations From Puppies To Doggos

    This. Is. Why. The. Internet. Exists.

    Ally Stone is a blogger and model from California who recently found herself being sent hundreds of photos of adorable dogs.

    Last week Stone, 20, sent out a tweet to her followers asking them to send her their dogs' transformation "from pupper to doggo".


    She started with some pics of her own dog...

    And then the cute dog pictures began rolling in.

    @allycstone Probably 120 lbs difference 🙃

    Stone had previously written about her fitness transformation and joked that she would rather see dog transformations on her timeline. "I love dogs, I have two of my own," she told BuzzFeed News. "I admittedly spend way too much time looking at other dog Instagram accounts."

    Smol pooper to bigger pooper. to be continued to xl pooper

    @allycstone Crying I love him so much ❤️❤️

    Over 1,000 people have replied to Stone's tweet.

    @allycstone My little old man from when we first rescued him to now

    There are heartwarming transformations...

    @allycstone sad pupper to bright & happy doggo🌻

    Cute transformations...

    And rescue dog transformations.

    @allycstone when we first got her to now 😭 #rescuepuppy

    @allycstone This is Toad at maybe a couple weeks old to almost a year old 💕

    It's a thread that you could spend hours on, really.

    "Among so many devastating news stories these days a thread of sweet dog photos can make you smile," said Stone.

    @allycstone he's made it from my elementary promotion to my high school graduation! 💗

    "People shared their rescue stories and transformations not only from puppies to dogs but also from sick/scared/in the shelter to a happy healthy pup. It's simply heartwarming."

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