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    29 Reasons Benn Harradine Is The Man You Wish You Were

    Including you, ladies.

    1. This is Benn Harradine.

    2. This is Benn Harradine's grandma.

    3. This is Benn Harradine without his shirt on, standing by a lake.

    4. And this is Benn Harradine throwing a discus.

    5. Benn Harradine is an Australian Olympian discus thrower.

    6. Benn Harradine can throw a discus really far.

    7. Some people might think that that's all Benn Harradine does.

    8. But those people would be WRONG.

    9. Here he is throwing a tartan umbrella.

    10. Here he is throwing a meat pie (with tomato sauce).

    11. Here he is throwing an avocado.

    12. Here he is throwing baked beans.

    13. Here he is throwing two minute noodles.

    14. And here he is throwing a hummus filled sock (lol).

    15. Here's Benn Harradine being Scottish.

    16. And here's Benn Harradine with his guitar.

    17. This is Benn Harradine's dad.

    18. He straight up doesn't give a fuck about you or your problems.

    19. He only cares about his son.

    20. Benn Harradine.

    21. Benn Harradine and his dad don't give a fuck.

    22. And Benn Harradine's mum doesn't give a fuck about you either.

    23. Benn Harradine has better boobs than you.

    24. Benn Harradine has better arms than you.

    25. Benn Harradine has a better dog than you.

    26. Benn Harradine showers better than you.

    27. Benn Harradine catches fish better than you.

    28. Benn Harradine has a better moustache than you.

    29. And Benn Harradine is better than you. In every way.