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Barnaby Joyce: "Being Named The World's Sexiest Man Twice Does Not Put You Above The Law"

Finally a story we can all relate to.

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Barnaby Joyce has come out swinging at John Christopher Depp aka Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp today in regards to the whole government-threatening-to-kill-his-dogs thing.

Depp is accused of illegally transporting his two dogs into the country without going through proper clearance checks. He has been given an ultimatum to take the dogs back to America within 48 hrs, or risk them being euthanised.

As Joyce addressed the media, he not only addressed Depp by his full name - but also referenced the actor's actor’s two “Sexiest Man in the World” awards.

He ends the whole thing by telling Depp (and his dogs) to "bugger off" back to America if they aren't happy.

Johnny must be wondering what the hell is going on.

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