25 Types Of Hangovers Illustrated With Baby Photos

    Or why babies should stick to milk.

    1. The "it's cool, I got this" hangover.

    2. The "it's not cool, I totally don't have this" hangover.

    3. The "wake 'n' bake" hangover.

    4. The "why did I even go out last night" hangover.

    5. The "no I cannot drive you anywhere today" hangover.

    6. The "I'm sick but I don't even care" hangover.

    7. The "this isn't fair" hangover.

    8. The "I need to be alone" hangover.

    9. The "how did I get here" hangover.


    11. The "game over" hangover.

    12. The "I kissed WHO?!" hangover.

    13. The "could you not" hangover.

    14. The "I'll try anything to make it stop" hangover.

    15. The "what is that feeling in the right side of my face" hangover.

    16. The "why does everything taste like battery acid" hangover.

    17. The "it was worth it" hangover.

    18. The "I texted WHO?!" hangover.

    19. The "what am I doing with my life" hangover.

    20. The "who the hell are you?" hangover.

    21. The "why did I come to work today" hangover.

    22. The "why did you let me drink that much" hangover.

    23. The "my friends are jerks" hangover.

    24. The "that's it, from here on I'm on a healthy eating cleanse" hangover.

    25. And the "nah! Let's go out again!" hangover.