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21 Animals Who Are Totally Nailing This Whole Christmas Thing

Bark the herald kitties sing.

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1. This little fella who loves his new harness.

2. This yawning canine who loves a bit of Christmas spirit!

3. And this little kitty who loves her bows!

4. This pup who just wanted to help with the wrapping.

5. This lazy boy who can't anymore.

6. This pug bossing his new outfit.

7. And these two - pulling off a grand ol' Christmas photobomb.

8. This cat / Christmas ornament.

9. And this cat who is not impressed with your poor attempt at putting the tree up.

10. This big girl who enjoyed Christmas dinner a little too much.

11. And this little kitty who thinks she's baby Jesus!

12. These two hanging out with Rudolf.

13. This horsedog freakin' out the family baby for a little bit of Christmas cheer!

14. This grinch who does not care for your plastic pine tree.

15. And this pig in a blanket.

16. This turtle-y turtle who is definitely turtle-y enough for the turtle club.

17. This dog hangin' on for dear life.

18. This very special present.

19. This tired reindeer.

20. This strange combination of Christmas present and Santa's Little Helper.

21. And this guy, who done fucked up.

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