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7 Bands You Should See At 'Big Day Out' That Aren't Headlining

Because it's not all about Pearl Jam and Arcade Fire.

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1. Ghost

Iron Pegasus

Ghost are a Swedish band that formed in 2008. Not much is known about them as they play under monikers like "Papa Emeritus II" and "The Nameless Ghouls." What IS known about them is their ecstatic and in-your-face sound - and the fact that Dave Grohl once played with them (but you'd never know.) Check them out at 8:00 at the JBL Essential Stage.

2. Portugal. The Man

Atlantic Records / Via

Portugal. The Man has a unique rock/psychedelia style that many have adored and enjoyed since their formation in 2005. They're fun, great to dance to and offer up something different from most other bands at BDO. They're also from Alaska so that's cool. Catch them on the Orange Stage at 1:00.


3. Mudhoney

Sub Pop / Via

They're back! (Even though they never really went away.) Mudhoneys presence at Big Day Out is great news and they're a band that have been around for a while. It's always great to get a bit of grunge in your ears, and Mudhoney deliver. These guys were HUGELY influential on the grunge-music scene and are definitely worth seeing. They play the JBL Essential Stage at 4:30.

4. Big Gigantic


Big Gigantic is a unique electronic/hip-hop/jazz duo that are pretty recent on the scene. One of the members (Dominic Lalli) has a Masters Degree from the Manhattan School of Music so you know it's gonna be good. They play the Boiler Room at 1:45.




Fresh from their super successful debut album, RÜFÜS are an act you don't want to miss. Their blend of electronic and sampling is hypnotic (not to mention great to bob your head to) and THEY'RE AUSTRALIAN! They already got a spot in our best albums of 2013 - so make sure you catch them at the Boiler Room at 2:45.

6. Violent Soho

Ecstatic Peace! / Via

These guys also made our best of 2013 list and they promise a fun time. Their album was probably one of the most under-rated Australian releases last year and their timing is good (only clashing with Bluejuice.) Catch them on the Red Stage at 12:15.