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18 People Who Can't Wait For The Weekend

They'll need their rest.

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1. The guy who celebrated Christmas WAY too hard.

2. The Schoolies struggler.

3. The sausage roll connoisseur

4. The maker of this wine.

5. This dog owner.

6. The people who have to use THIS bus stop.

7. The person left with this decision.

8. This poor contestant.

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9. This man's reasoning behind drought season.

10. This Darwin resident.

11. This woman who just wanted warm pants.

12. This naked guy stuck in his washing machine.

13. This person and their understanding of the news.

14. This photoshop guy who probably lost his job :(

15. This guy.

16. The woman with these pest control methods

17. This thief who decided to rob the wrong people.

18. And this woman.