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Johnny Depp Screams From His Eyes As He's Forced To Read Out An Apology To Australia


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have filmed a video apology to Australia following their trial today, which saw Heard sentenced with a $1,000 one-month good behaviour bond for smuggling her dogs into Australia last year.

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In probably the biggest own in Australian history, Australia's deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, uploaded footage to his Facebook showing Heard and Depp lauding the great nation of Australia.

"Australia is a wonderful island," begins Heard, "with a treasure trove of unique plants, animals, and people."

"Australia is free of many pests and diseases that are commonplace throughout the world," says Heard. "That is why Australia has to have such strong biosecurity laws."

"Australians are just as unique, both warm and direct," murmurs Depp. "When you disrespect Australian law they will tell you firmly."

"I am really sorry that Pistol and Boo were not declared. Protecting Australia is important."

Twitter was quick to react to the absolutely brutal public humiliation.

shoulda made him do it dressed as willy wonka

Barnaby Joyce should receive automatic immunity from prosecution for however long he lives. He has my utmost respect today

oh my god that video. How can 42 seconds be so painful

Depp is very underrated as an actor. That performance of 'man loathing every second of being forced to do this' was utterly convincing.

Celebrities, take note: If you break our nation's great laws, we will humiliate you in ways previously unthought of.

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