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    It's Hotter Than Hell In Australia Right Now

    I'm sure this is all totally normal.

    The sun is hammering down on Australia this week and, frankly, it's all a bit much.

    Temperature records have already been broken in South Australia (49ºC in Tarcoola), bats are falling out of trees from the heat, and the country's health officials have warned of "high ozone air pollution", which I'm sure is totally normal and nothing to worry about.

    The temperature map of the country is marred with deep reds and oranges, as well as the return of purple: a colour that was added to maps in 2013 because, be getting hot.

    "Severe to extreme weather conditions are forecast for a large part of the country," a recent update from the Bureau of Meteorology said.

    "Temperatures are expected to climb into the low to high 40s, broadly 8–12 degrees above the average for this time of year.

    "Whilst inland parts will see the highest temperatures, coastal locations will see an increase in humidity and the feels-like temperature will make for really oppressive conditions."

    Total fire bans are in place and humidity levels in Sydney are rising above 80%.

    Western Australia, Tasmania, Canberra, Victoria, NSW, southern Queensland, the Northern Territory: It's gonna be hot everywhere.

    Parts of greater Sydney could get to the mid-40s for four consecutive days, while it's likely Canberra and regional NSW will experience the same if not worse. On Tuesday the town of Hay in west NSW almost reached 48ºC.

    NSW's Health Department says the state hasn't experienced heat this bad for a prolonged period since 2011, and the temperature could affect the mortality rate.

    Meanwhile, South Australia's government has declared an ominous "Code Red" heat emergency, allowing extra funding to help the most vulnerable, like elderly people and the state's homeless population, during the rough conditions.

    All of this is happening while Australia hosts two of its biggest sporting events, the Tour Down Under cycle tour and the Australian Open.

    Oh, and on Tuesday the 15 hottest places IN THE WORLD were all in Australia. Normal.

    Sure, Australia is known worldwide for being "hot" but this...this is just ridiculous.