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Australia Got New Terrorist Threat Levels And Everyone Took The Piss

Threat level: stupid.

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Today, justice minister Michael Keenan and attorney general George Brandis announced sweeping changes to Australia's terror threat levels.


AFP commissioner Andrew Colvin and ASIO Director-General of Security Duncan Lewis were also on hand to deliver the news that the threat levels - which had previously ranked from low to extreme - would be given a makeover.

The new threat levels range from "not expected" to "certain" and have been named The National Terrorism Threat Advisory System.

Australia’s current threat level is set at ‘Probable’, meaning "that individuals or groups have developed both the intent and capability to conduct a terrorist attack in Australia."

Under the previous system, a terror attack was considered ‘likely’.


Of course, the Australian Twitter population was less than enthused with the rather boring selections.

Threat level: Mark Latham invited on Q&A

Sad there is no "inconceivable!" level


Instead of 5 levels of terror threats, how about a Pitchfork style rating? 0.1- 10.00

@MarkDiStef Not Expected Possible Pauline (<---- we are here) Jacquie Blair

Also: Calm Down WTF Pull Your Head In Right, That's It Cop This You Asked for It

It's not yet known if the Australian government will take any of the new ideas onboard.

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