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16 Of The Most Uniquely "Australian Values" People May Have Forgotten

After prime minister Malcolm Turnbull's apparent struggle to list "Australian values", hundreds jumped in on social media to point him in the right direction.

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On Thursday morning prime minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiled new stricter conditions on becoming an Australian citizen.

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New questions in a test are based on "Australian values", said Turnbull, who was backed up by immigration minister Peter Dutton, who said any perpetrators of domestic violence should not be Australian citizens.

The sudden discussion about "Australian values" left many Aussies wondering what the term really meant. Turnbull recalled the apparent Australian value of an "enormous reservoir of good sense."

"We know that our values of mutual respect, democracy, freedom, rule of law, those values, a fair go – they are fundamental Australian values," he said.


1. Shortly after the Turnbull press conference Australians on social media made some serious suggestions.

Take a beloved snack with the tag-line "flavour you can see", then change it so u cant see the flavour and it has no taste #AustralianValues

2. There was plenty about housing affordability.


Paying 700 grand for a studio apartment #AustralianValues

4. And Aussie food rituals.

Running out of durries just as you're gonna do a Maccas run #AustralianValues


eating raw onions with the peel still on #australianvalues



#AustralianValues Knowing the difference in taste between Clag, Bostix and Uhu



pie shop owners that attempt to charge for tomato sauce should be hung in the town square and spat upon #AustralianValues

9. But there was also a lot of criticism reserved for the federal government – Greens leader Richard Di Natale got in on the act.

One Australian Senator owns 33 properties, while 48 millionaires pay no income tax - not even the Medicare levy #AustralianValues


Using 30 bad consecutive Newspolls as the basis of your leadership bid #AustralianValues #auspol



Overthrowing disappointing Prime Ministers every 2 years. #AustralianValues



Dropping your daks to reveal speedos with the flag of the Islamic country you’re in but also you’re a government adviser #AustralianValues

14. Australia's less-than-ideal reputation for subtle racism was also mentioned.

I'm not racist, but #AustralianValues

15. As was the treatment of the nation's Indigenous people.

Systematically destroy 200+ indigenous languages, then insist newcomers speak yours (which you're barely literate in). #AustralianValues

16. And some people just listed out everything they could think of that fit into 140 characters.

#AustralianValues - telling others where speed cameras are - saying 'gronk' - calling Asian service staff 'boss' - coward punch

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