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    15 Australian Pizza Places You Need To Visit Before You Die

    Pizza is love. Pizza is life.

    1. Via Napoli – Sydney:

    Why you want a piece: Go ahead and google "Via Napoli." If the huge amount of positive reviews and rewards isn't enough, this place also just won BEST PIZZA IN SYDNEY. So y'know, that's a big deal.

    2. 400 Gradi – Melbourne:

    Why you need a piece: Keeping the 'award winning' trend going, 400 Gradi were recently voted the makers of the WORLD'S BEST Margherita Pizza at the Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza in Italy. Repeating that: IN THE WORLD. And all you have to do is make your way down Lygon Street to give it a go.

    3. Borruso's Pizza & Pasta – Sydney:

    Why you need a piece: Borruso's started off as a little joint in Cape Town, South Africa. The founders then moved to Australia and brought with them their delicious wood-fired pizzas. The restaurant is a friendly and high-quality place to get a slice, with a few interesting ingredients also making their way onto the menu - like Peppadews (a sweet South African pepper). They also have one of the best gluten free bases you'll ever likely try.

    4. Little Caesars Pizzeria – Perth:

    Why you need a piece: It'd be hard to make your way to Western Australia without hearing about Little Caesers. Now with three stores across the state, you can't go wrong with the promise of wood fired pizza. Owner and pizza chef Theo Kalogeracos was awarded the World Champion Pizza Maker at the Las Vegas Pizza Show in 2010, (he is a three time winner) and he hasn't let up since. Be sure to make your way down or you may just miss out!

    5. Pizza Gusto – Canberra:

    Why you want a piece: Canberra = cold a lot of the time. Pizza = warm a lot of the time. If you really need more reasons than that to dine on these awesome looking eight-slice wonders then you need more help than pizza can give you.

    6. Est Pizzeria – Adelaide:

    Why you want a piece: Est Pizzeria has a chilled out and relaxed vibe but serves up pizza of a five star quality. You won't get any of that "plastic cheese" here, with wonderful sounding toppings all available on their wood fired dough. They also offer terracotta baked polenta (yum!) and a bunch of other delicious goodies.

    7. Lucio Pizzeria – Sydney:

    Why you want a piece: On Palmer Street in Darlinghurst, Lucio Pizzeria offers some amazing and authentic pizzas for you to gorge on all night. They import their Buffalo Mozzarella from Italy so you know it's the real deal and you can sign up for their pizza making class to learn how to make it at home!

    8. Scoozi – Melbourne:

    Why you need a piece: Scoozi is one of only three pizzerias in Australia to be accredited by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana which hands out coveted recognition to "true Neapolitan" pizza worldwide. This has been a big deal in the pizza business since 1984, but it also helps that Scoozi's pizzas are out-of-this-world delicious.

    9. Stones Pizza – Perth:

    Why you need a piece: Fresh, green and tasty, Stones Pizza serves up some of the most colourful - and delicious - pizzas in Perth. Their rotating "Pizza of the Week" is also one to watch, with toppings like "The Truffle Shuffle" and "Snail Away" offering up something a little more adventurous than you'll get at your local.

    10. La Svolta – Melbourne:

    Why you need a piece: A selection of simple yet wonderful pizzas will meet you at La Svolta. With a team of chefs coming from all over Italy, the restaurant prides itself on giving you the 'family' sensation, with recipes passed down generations and kept classic Italian.

    11. Justin Lane – Burleigh Heads:

    Why you need a piece: Wine! Beer! Pizza! Do you need more reasons to check out this trendy place just off the Gold Coast Highway? At Justin Lane, you can crunch down on a smoked pork belly, pear, provolone, and chives while sipping on cocktail. Doesn't get better than that.

    12. Melt Pizzeria – Adelaide:

    Why you need a piece: Pizza and tapas, with locations in the Adelaide CBD and Hyde Park, Melt Pizzeria is open till late serving up new and delicious takes on the classic Italian pizza. You can also get a "Share Table" for $39 per person, that offers up tapas, pizza, salad and dessert. Essentially, you'll be drowning in pizza, and there's nothing wrong with that.

    13. Woodstock – Melbourne:

    Why you need a piece: Woodstock is a pizza place that focusses on the Sicilian method of pizza making. They use "Molino Caputo" pizza flour exclusively, which is 100% natural. Their menu is out of this world and will have your mouth salivating from the first word, whilst the showcase of local and fresh produce will make the journey well worth it.

    14. Beccofino – Brisbane:

    Why you need a piece: Very little is said about Beccofino on its website, but once you try the pizza you'll be happy with the surprise. This restaurant can't be beaten for value, and their Speck Pizza is absolutely to die for. Rich in flavour, filled with sparks of tomato, cheese and herbs, Beccofino is sure to be a favourite for some time.

    15. Tinderbox – Brisbane:

    Why you need a piece: Using and loving local produce, Tinderbox has a Beech wood fired oven they use to cook their delectable pizzas. Their menu is seasonal and changes according to the produce they can source from the produce they can find in the area - and that's just the beginning of a beautiful journey for your tastebuds! Dessert, wine, pizza. Look out, here we come!

    An earlier version of this post listed Justin Lane in Brisbane. Woops!

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