20 Aussie Items That Need A Place In Your Home

There’s an Australian opal penis, for starters.

1. These Aussie animal finger puppets.

A pinch at $5.50

2. These crochet Budgerigars.

Only $5.50 for the pattern.

3. This patriotic bodysuit for your baby.

Only $12.05

4. Felt Aussie biscuits!!

$30.00 for the full set.

5. Or these rainbow lorikeets.

Don’t know why they’re cheaper than the budgerigars at $5.00

6. This sassy notebook that sends a clear message.

Let those Americans know what’s up for only $5.48

7. Aussie critter cushions.

Two for $30.00

8. Koala stamps.

Leave your mark for just $8.77

9. This sleek and simple print.

Wombat your life for $16.39

10. This portrait pendant of a grand old Australian terrier.

“You may call me the Duchess of Woof.” - $42.55

11. This Keith Urban necklace OR belly ring OR anklet OR bracelet.

Made from a guitar pick with his FACE on it. Bargain at - $7.62

12. The original “Neighbours” card game.

$8.28 for ages 9 and up!

13. “Home and Away” styled pencils.

Only $6.00

14. Or maybe get “Neighbours” THE BOOK

Be compelled for only $17.00

15. A vintage Mr. Squiggle plush toy.

Squiggle yourself away for $38.60


Go back to the ’80s for $21.80

17. 45 Australian legends as POSTAGE STAMPS!!


18. Finally get into the drama department of your favorite High School.

Unleash your inner Mr G. for $26.87

19. This “vintage” mid century musical koala.

For only $11.03

20. And this 100% Australian Opal penis.

You can do WHATEVER you want with it for $78.96

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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