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People Can’t Quite Believe The Australia Post CEO’s $5.6 Million Salary

Ahmed Fahour earned $15,000+ a day. Meanwhile you can't go to a post office after 5pm.

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People are pissed off with Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour's annual salary after prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said the figure was "too high" on Wednesday morning.

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The salary became public after Liberal senator James Paterson released documents from Australia Post that revealed Fahour had an annual salary of $4.4 million with a bonus of $1.2 million. YEAH THAT'S $5.6 MILLION.

Paterson was acting as the chairman of a Senate committee and said that as Fahour is a public servant his salary should not be hidden from taxpayers.

"We should expect at least the same level of transparency from a government business enterprise which has benefited for many years from government-granted monopoly protection," he said.

In January Australia Post wrote to the committee saying there was no public interest in disclosing the salaries of the most senior positions at the mail delivery service.

At a press conference on Wednesday morning, Turnbull criticised the massive pay packet as "too high".

After news broke of the gigantic salary, people immediately cried foul. Many referenced prime minister Turnbull's annual income of $507,338, wondering why the AusPost CEO was paid 10 times more than Australia's PM.

The CEO of Australia Post may be getting paid 10x Malcolm but to be fair at least he occasionally delivers #auspol

But most were just flabbergasted.

Australia Post CEO's salary is $5.6mil a year. That's $15,000+ a day. #auspol #australiapost

Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour paid $5.6 million in 2016. Please explain how this clown is worth that amount of m…


@dailytelegraph Absolutely disgusting waste of taxpayers money.

And I'm still waiting for a parcel that was supposed to be here 8 DAYS AGO. For that much, he should hand-deliver i…

Really upset to hear how much @afahour earns as @auspost CEO. Regional Aus is paying a fortune for parcels to prop up this undeserved money

And left with no other avenue than to make jokes.

Rather than cutting Ahmed Fahour's salary, maybe we could just get Australia Post to deliver his paycheck to him ea…

Auspost: We can't afford for our post offices to be open after 5pm any day of the week. Also Auspost: We pay our CEO $15,000 a day.

Postie goes rogue after learning how much the boss earns.. @auspost #auspol #AustraliaPost

But at least Fahour is doing his job. Australia Post recorded a $36 million profit in 2015-16, following a $222 million loss in 2014-15.

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