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    Posted on 25 Jul 2014

    If Politicians Had Spotify The Results Would Be Incredible

    You shouldn't judge someone on their tastes. Unless they're a politician.

    Prime Minister, Tony Abbott:

    Tony's aptly named playlist "Tone's Tunez" is filled with old Australian classics and songs that highlight family values. He also loves a bit of '90s punk and some OneRepublic at the gym.

    Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten:

    Ol' Billy Shortz can't wait for the weekend, and his playlist shows that. There's a nice mashup of old and new tunes, as well as some overlaps with Tony Abbott (proving they're both just a little similar.)

    Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop:

    Julie has a host of international tunes in her playlist (as you would expect) and she doesn't shy away from the hard beats / lyrics of Die Antwoord. She also appreciates the lighter side of things, with picks like 'Les Champs-Elysees' and 'Don't Make Me Over' allowing some nice relaxing time in the office.

    Senate Leader of the Opposition, Penny Wong

    Penny's playlist is actually called 'Penny's Playlist' because she doesn't have time to mess around with playlist naming. Her tunes are all focused on real issues and she also gets across the point she makes so often: take shit from no one.

    Greens Senator, Scott Ludlam:

    No surprises with DJ ScottyLud revealing his past with a host of '60s and '70s era psychedelia. Still, it is important to remember what the artists behind these songs stood for and the happy, universally minded world they all strived to achieve.

    Minister For Education, Christopher Pyne:

    The Minister for Education's playlist has a lot of songs about education (no surprises there) and also a cheeky little #throwback to his ~favourite~ television show Saved By The Bell.

    Federal Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer:

    The man. The myth. The legend. Clive "Clivvy P" Palmer starts off his weekends with this ultimate party starter. With the amount of jet-setting he does the party never ends, leading to crazy Miley Cyrus inspired bashes and chilled out Gill Scott-Heron rewinds.

    Treasurer, Joe Hockey:

    It's no secret that Joe loves his Nickelback and the Canadian kings of sing-along rock make two appearances on his playlist. As the Treasurer, money also seems to be a key theme within his tracks.

    Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bronwyn Bishop:

    Bronwyn's music is simple. She doesn't have time to search around for "indie hits," so she sticks to what she knows. And what she knows is a combination of Gaga, Katy Perry and The Who. Give her space and enough time and she'll make you a playlist that'll make your knees shiver.

    Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Tanya Plibersek:

    Tanya starts and ends things with an empowering ballad, and what better way to get things going on a rough day in parliament? This is the playlist of a driven and determined woman.

    Senator for Victoria, Ricky Muir:

    We all know Ricky is a true blue Aussie bloke and that's shown in his playlist. His years within the Motoring Enthusiast Party have rubbed off on him, and he loves nothing more than a straight forward rock-n-roll jam.

    Scott Morrison

    Speaks for itself, really.

    You can find all the #auspol tracks HERE!

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