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Australian Band Has Its Show Cancelled Because Of Its "Offensive" Name

"B-b-but we spell it with a 'z'."

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Australian rockers Cuntz have had to cancel one of their American shows because of their "offensive" name.

Facebook: Cuntz

Touring the U.S to promote their album Force the Zone, the band had their gig at Seattle's Victory Lounge cancelled and have had to move to a different venue.

The promoter of the DASWASUP GIG the band were set to play allegedly wrote an explanation on a Facebook event, before it was deleted earlier today.

Facebook: 330914246928915

"YO. HERE'S WHAT'S UP," he said.

"It's not up to me to decide what is and isn't offensive to folks, but I do feel like it's my responsibly to listen to the voices of my friends, peers and fellow musicians who have been upset by me booking a band called Cuntz. I decide to stand with my lady friends and feminist friends on this issue."

"This show is CANCELLED and this Facebook event will self destruct in 12-24 hours. If you want to see Cuntz play on 10/13, they will be a Lucky Liquor but DASWASUPGIG and me (C.J.) have absolutely nothing to do with it and I will not be there."

"Apologies to folks who have been hurt and/or offended by this show. This is NOT the kind of thing I want DASWASUPGIG to represent and I admit to having rolled the dice when I should have just said 'no thanks.'"

You can listen to some of Cuntz songs here: