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19 Things You Cared About In 2000 (But Don't At All Today)

Remember Bardot?

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1. Popstars became a thing...

2. As did Sophie Monk.

Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

3. This dude was rollin' around the streets of Kirribilli.

Nick Laham / Getty Images

4. Channel 7 got a new logo and it freaked everyone out for about a week.

5. The Sydney Olympics were on, and if you were in school in Sydney chances are you went to Homebush on an excursion.

Torsten Blackwood / Getty Images

6. Anthony Mundine disappeared from the NRL to go punch some people.

Robert Cianflone / Getty Images

7. And the Playstation 2 came out, proceeding to take over your life.

8. "Mascara" by Killing Heidi was on your discman...

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9. When you weren't jamming out to "Poison" by Bardot.

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10. Bootmen and Chopper took over your local Civic Video.

11. And you probably watched The Dish for school.

Village Roadshow Pictures

12. Savage Garden was all you ever needed.

Sony BMG

13. And Survivor: Australia was released, wherein one of the contestants suffered 3rd degree burns after falling into a fire.

14. Remember The Mole? Yeah, that was a thing...

Channel Seven

15. You were probably wearing low-rise jeans.

Because this was a time when that was the only meaning of ~hipster~.
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Because this was a time when that was the only meaning of ~hipster~.

16. While fighting with your parents so they'd finally let you get your belly button pierced.

Tbh Mum, you could have fought harder.
Scott Gries / Getty Images

Tbh Mum, you could have fought harder.

17. A Nokia 3315 was at the very top of your Christmas list.

18. And when your dream finally came true, you became a master of Snake II.

19. But mainly, you spent the year celebrating the fact the world didn't implode when it ticked over from 1999.