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    Arnold Schwarzenegger Rides Bike Through Melbourne, Mortals Rejoice

    Or: Is the ex-governor of California actually immortal?

    Leader of the free people and ex-governator Arnold Schwarzenegger has been spotted riding a bike (helmet-less) through the streets of Melbourne.

    Normally, this would be a usual, nice, event - except many are missing the big issues with Arnie's Tour Le Melbourne. The lack of a helmet.

    Here he is with a bunch of school kids. What a nice guy. BUT... The kids are wearing helmets, aren't they, Mr. Terminator?

    And here he is with some police. Who are just... letting him... ride... without... a helmet?

    A Matt & Jane exclusive: @VictoriaPolice reveal exactly how Arnie dodged his bike helmet fine!

    No fines, nothing.

    The evidence is clear: Arnold Schwarzenegger is immortal.

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