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    Posted on Mar 27, 2014

    20 Problems You Always Encounter While Apartment Hunting

    It's the hardest thing you'll ever do. Not counting actually LIVING with people.

    1. You spend so much time looking online you never actually go outside.

    2. What you WANT and what you can AFFORD are entirely different things.

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    3. You think you've found a place and then realise no busses, trains, or trams are in the area.

    4. Real estate sites keep showing you "nearby" suburbs.



    5. Everything good seems to be only JUST out of your price range.

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    6. There are no gyms anywhere near the places you look at.

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    Which gives you an excuse to not exercise, I guess.

    7. You think you have a good chance at getting a place and then a family walks in and you're like:

    8. You're ashamed of your rental history.


    9. You get rejected a lot.

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    10. And you've told yourself far too many times that "this place will be different."

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    11. People start sending you links to places they've seen online.


    I know. I saw it. I check. Every day.

    12. You get so desperate for an apartment that you start enquiring about the ones listed with one or ZERO photos.

    13. And you don't even get accepted by them.

    14. You'll think you've found the perfect place only to discover the entire house has ONE POWERPOINT.

    15. Each agency has a different set of forms that you have to fill out in a different way to differentiate yourself.

    16. But you still get rejected.

    17. Every real estate agent is a dick.

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    No arguments. This is law.

    18. And finding the 'right' people to move in with can be tougher than you thought.


    19. And even when you do, no one is perfect and SOMETHING they do will BUG THE HELL OUT OF YOU!

    20. So you should genuinely start considering moving back in with your parents.

    Have fun!

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