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19 Questions Every Only Child Has For People With Siblings

So you guys just... share?

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1. Was it crowded growing up?


2. How often did you get in fights?

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3. Did you ever walk in on them... y'know...

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4. How often did you wish you were an only child?

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5. Do you think having siblings made you better or worse at dealing with conflict?

6. How much of your clothing was hand-me-down?

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7. How much did you have to share, in general?


8. And did you hate it?


9. Do you find yourself always trying to do better than your siblings?


10. Did your parents ever compare you to your other siblings?


11. Did you ever feel like you were in your sibling's shadow?


12. Did having a sibling help you make friends?

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13. Or was it the exact opposite?

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14. What's the longest you fought with your sibling?

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15. Do you think you're the favourite?

16. If you don't, do you know who the favourite is?

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17. And does that cause ~drama~?

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18. Did your teachers in school compare you to your siblings?

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19. And did you ever feel like you were being put into a "category"?


Like, "Oh hey, that's Hannah. She's the sporty one in the family."

And then you're like... "I hate sport..."

Siblings, please explain.