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This Muslim MP Spent All Week Wearing A Tiny Halal Snack Pack

"I just love the HSP movement."

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New Labor MP Anne Aly became the first Muslim woman in federal parliament when she took out the marginal Western Australian seat of Cowan in the July federal election.

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Aly, a counter-terrorism expert, told BuzzFeed News she was touched by the hundreds of messages from Australians she had received thanking her for diversifying Australia's parliament.

To celebrate her landmark election, Aly spent the last sitting week wearing a teeny tiny Halal Snack Pack pin.

Facebook: anneazzaaly

Halal Snack Packs have became a favourite meme of many politicians in the lead up to the election, notably Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, who famously offered to share a HSP with anti-Muslim senator Pauline Hanson (Hanson declined).

“An eccentric Labor Party member started making food jewellery, and as soon as I heard she made a HSP one I knew I had to have one," Aly told BuzzFeed News.

“I just love the HSP ‘movement’. It’s the most Aussie thing that thousands of people can come together, regardless of race or religion, because of a mutual love of meat and chips.

“There’s a kebab shop next to the electorate office in Cowan and I’m seriously worried about a HSP overdose. They’re just too good!”

Halal Snack Pack enthusiast Sam Dastyari praised Aly's new wardrobe accessory on Twitter.

Anne Aly MP making a move on #HSP turf by wearing a lapel pin. I see your lapel and raise you a menu. #bringiton. 😘

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