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Someone Savagely Trolled Kevin Andrews And It Went Unexpectedly Viral

"I support cutting student welfare and raising fees!"

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Former defence minister Kevin Andrews visited the Liberal Club at Monash University on Tuesday, taking time off from his busy schedule to chat with some ready and willing young Libs.

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Andrews has been the member for Menzies for almost 25 years, and last year said he might, in the right circumstances, challenge for the leadership of the Liberal Party.

During the visit one student decided to take a more... personal selfie with Andrews, catching him in the background of the shot.

The photo, which shows a beaming chap holding a frame around Andrews that says "I support cutting student welfare and raising fees" was uploaded to Reddit on Tuesday evening and quickly went super viral. Like, it made it to the front page, got almost 7,000 upvotes, hundreds of comments, and on Imgur, where the photo is hosted, has almost 500,000 views. That viral.

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So yeah, Kevin Andrews, one of the longest serving politicians in Australia, is actually secret viral gold. Well, I guess we kinda already knew that.

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