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Does Anyone Know Where Alex Perry's Sunglasses Are?

We have looked everywhere.

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Does anyone know where Alex Perry's sunglasses are?

Honestly, we have looked everywhere.

Alex says he wore them out last night, but he DEFINITELY brought them home.

We checked by the pool and they weren't there.

And they're not in the kitchen either.

Alex swears he left them on his bedside table.

But we can't find them anywhere?????

OK, Alex is starting to get pissed off now.

He needs them for a press event tonight.

Where the hell are they?!?!!

Did he leave them on the plane?

God dammit this ALWAYS HAPPENS!!!

Why do people keep moving Alex's glasses from where he put them?

If he puts them down somewhere, it's so he knows he can find them there later on.

But they're never there?!??

Someone help. We've looked everywhere. :(