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    Triple J Under Fire For Playing Ryan Adams' Taylor Swift Cover In Act Of "Blatant Sexism"

    Are we out of the woods yet?

    Australian radio station Triple J is copping criticism for playing the Ryan Adams cover of Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" less than a year after disqualifying Swift from a country-wide music poll.

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    The station’s Hottest 100 is an annual music poll that sees the entire nation vote for their favourite tracks of the year. The 2014 countdown was surrounded by controversy after Taylor Swift’s songs were banned from the countdown after an online campaign (admittedly, started by us) attempted to give "Shake It Off" a place on the list.

    It was a move that instantly saw backlash online, with many calling out the "mansplaining" of Taylor Swift's music through Ryan Adams.

    This is such blatant sexism @triplej. I'm angry, but not surprised. Music made for young women is seen as less cool than music for young men

    Triple J accepts Tay's album - when Ryan Adams covers it

    Screw you Triple J! I hope Ryan Adams' version of Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' wins your crappy Hottest 100.

    However, some have come to the defence of Triple J, telling people to listen to other stations if they have an issue with the music played.

    Now triple j is a "bro" radio station. Fuck mine. They don't play Taylor Swift. They do play Ryan Adams. Case solved!

    Who the hell is Ryan Adams and who gives a fuck about Triple J not playing Taylor Swift

    A lot of people who presumably don't listen to Triple J seem angry/upset they played one of the Ryan Adams Taylor Swift covers.

    To their credit, Triple J and their internet radio station, Double J, have been regular supporters of Adams' work. They have also played Taylor Swift covers in the past.

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    It is not known if Ryan Adams' covers of Swift's work will be included in the voting for the coming year's Hottest 100, but until then...

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to Triple J for statement.

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