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    4 Aug 2015

    Someone Is Selling An "Adam Goodes Imaginary Spear" On eBay

    "...In perfect working order and capable of terrifying an entire small-minded crowd."

    An "Imaginary Spear" has shown up for sale on eBay, in commemoration of Adam Goodes' "war dance" celebration during an AFL match in May.

    The 'spear' also comes with "user instructions from race relations and cultural expert Eddie Maguire (sic) (warn people before expressing your culture, even if it is in the context of an Indigenous themed round)". and an "imaginary framed certificate of authenticity."

    Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

    The dance has caused headlines across the country, sparking a debate about racism in Australia and Australian sport.

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    The bidding started on the 1st of August at $8.50 and has so far reached $10,001.

    You can find the listing here.

    But hurry, bidding ends in six days.

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