85 Aussie Things You Cared About 10 Years Ago (But Probably Don’t Today)

What ever happened to Sara-Marie and her bunny ears?

1. Big Brother Australia.
2. The Big Brother turkey slap.
3. Gretel Killeen.
4. Sara-Marie.
5. Sara-Marie’s bunny ears.

6. Australian Idol.
7. Shannon Noll and his goatee.
8. Paulini.
9. Andrew G and his blonde hair.
10. Cosima De Vito.

11. John Howard.
12. Mark Latham.
13. Kim Beazley.

Photo by Mark Dadswell / Getty Images

14. Limewire.
15. Austar.
16. Harvey Krumpet.

17. Australia’s Wheel of Fortune.
18. And Rob Elliot, host of Australia’s Wheel of Fortune.

19. Burgo’s Catchphrase.
20. Burgo.

21. Casey Donavan.
22. Jet.
23. Pete Murray.
24. Spiderbait.
25. The always entertaining Up Late Game Show with Hotdogs.
26. Trevor Butler.

Photo by Jonathan Wood / Getty Images

27. The National Soccer League.
28. Makybe Diva.
29. Watching the Sydney Kings.

Matt King / Getty Images

30. Diesel.
31. The Dissociatives.
32. Grinspoon.
33. The Scared Weird Little Guys.

Mark Nolan / Getty Images

34. Coming home from school and watching The Saddle Club.
35. Everyone making a big deal about the launch of Foxtel (including Hugh Jackman).
36. Being excited to see Kangaroo Jack and then being let down.
37. Schapelle Corby.

Dimas Ardian / Getty Images

38. Owning a Motorola Rzrs.
39. Watching Good Morning Australia.
40. Bert Newton still being on TV.

Photo by Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

41. Alex Lloyd’s latest album.
42. Bob Carr.
43. Burke’s Backyard still being on TV.
44. Cheez TV.

45. John Farnham’s latest “comeback tour.”
46. Flip phones.
47. Digital Cameras.
48. Hotmail email addresses.
49. Getting all your CD’s from the local Sanity Music.

50. Everyone going crazy about ‘The Avalanches’ and you having no idea what was going on.
51. Human Nature.
52. Scandal’us.

53. Always doing better than the contestants on The Price Is Right.
54. Mick Malloy and his jokes.
55. Crackerjack.

56. “Digital television” being a big deal.
57. Watching Sale of the Century.
58. And then watching Temptation which was just a shitty remake.
59. Nikki Webster and her strawberry kisses.

60. Going to Grace Bros. on a Saturday.
61. Your MSN screen name.
62. Sorting out your Myspace top friends.
63. Finding a theme for your Myspace.
64. Filling out Myspace surveys.
65. Trying to delete Tom from Myspace as your friend.

66. Listening to Augie March.
67. Heading off to the local Angus & Robertson to get some books for school.
68. Or Borders.
69. Or Dymocks.

70. Stocking up on all the rubber charity bracelets you can find.
71. The latest episode of Blue Heelers.
72. The Chaser.
73. Getting your gardening tips from Jamie Durie.

Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

74. Damien Lieth.
75. Watching some political humour on ABC with Wil Anderson and The Glass House.
76. NSW winning the State of Origin.
77. Referencing jokes from Wog Boy.
78. Nick Giannopoulos.

Photo by Adam Rountree / Getty Images

79. Getting the latest rental from Video Ezy.
80. Or Civic Video.

81. The latest Savage Garden single.
82. Thinking Killing Heidi were edgy.
83. Steven Bradbury.
84. Steven Bradbury’s frosted tips.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

85. And everyone in this photo.

Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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