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23 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Your Complicated Relationship With Exercise

Sport is life.

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1. When they captured the struggle of forgetting your earphones.

2. When they proved that exercise was ~easy~.

3. When they highlighted the pain of forgetting a sweatband.

4. When they perfectly described the anxiety we all feel...

5. When they defined the perfect workout plan.

6. When they pointed out the horror of starting a workout.

7. When they pondered on life's realities.

8. When they encapsulated the moment we've all had when we realise someone is about to get hurt.

9. When they brought up the importance of sleep.

10. When they asked this tough question.

11. When they mentioned the struggles that come with working out more.

12. When they noticed that exercise is hard, even before you get to the gym.

13. When they suggested some exercises you can do without even going to the gym.

14. When they knew running was a tougher than it seemed.

15. When they mentioned the ~mental exercise~ we all partake in.

16. When they shared the struggles of being a girl with big boobs.

17. When they shutdown the strangers with ~suggestions~.

18. When they perfectly captured the pain of the day after leg day, in GIF form.

19. Or the pain of going back to the gym after a few months off.

20. When they pointed out that sometimes, it's even too hard to get to the fridge.

21. When they completely nailed the tall people vs. tall people battle.

22. When they knew what it was like to workout next to someone with ~opinions~.

23. And when they summed it up with one, simple GIF.