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20 Signs You're A Child Of Divorce.

It's not all bad. Trust us.

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1. You've mastered the 'pets situation.'

Your dad doesn't like cats and your mom doesn't like dogs? NO PROBLEM! Plan it well enough and you can have the best of both worlds in two different families.

4. You use your parents' divorce as an excuse.

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There's nothing better than pulling the old "I left my homework at Dad's house" routine. No teacher in their right mind would challenge you.

12. You have bitchin' organizational skills because you have to plan what to keep at each house.

BBC / Via Brad Esposito / Buzzfeed

You can't keep your Xbox at both houses now, can you?

13. And you've developed a cunning sense of manipulation.

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Dad won't let you get that spacer in your ear? No problem - Just ask Mom.

Mom won't let you go to that party? No problem - Just ask Dad.

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