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16 Things That Have Already Happened In 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR (from the Southern Hemisphere).

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1. 2015 has finally come to an end, at least in some parts of the world.


And while the majority of the world was just waking up to beginning of New Years Eve, the Southern Hemisphere celebrated being one day ahead by letting off a huge bunch of fireworks (again).

2. New Zealand brought it in first, being the first country on Earth to experience that sweet, sweet 2016 air.

#NewYear celebrations at Sky Tower in Auckland (New Zealand)

3. They celebrated by firing fireworks from their stick-thingy.

Instagram: @lucaspaixao21

Which, like, good for them.

4. It was all very beautiful and firework-y.

5. And some people got real close to the action.

6. And then Australia got involved with fireworks across Sydney's expansive harbour.

Welcome to 2016! The Sydney #NYE2016 fireworks are live on #ABCNews24 now #NYEABC

7. Sydney decided to celebrate by blasting fireworks from its coat hanger-thingy.

8. It was all very lovely indeed.

Happy new year from Sydney! 🎉🎊 #SydNYE #SydneyNYE #nye

9. Will the act of blowing rockets up into the sky ever not be enjoyable?

13. Melbourne also did its thing...

Instagram: @mohan

15. And Adelaide did a little somethin somethin', too.

Instagram: @hit107adelaide

16. Really, it's pretty clear the only reason Australia does this every year is to show the rest of the world what's to come in the future.

~~~~~~HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~~~~