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14 Things You See When You Go To "Q&A" Live

BuzzFeed News went to Tamworth memorial town hall, to sit in on the first time Q&A has blessed the country music capital of Australia with its presence.

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1. Protesters. Protesters everywhere.

Brad Esposito for BuzzFeed News

We're not sure if this is a thing that haunts every Q&A recording, but during Monday night's stream from Tamworth's memorial town hall there were multiple protest groups outside trying to get their message across.


3. There was also an environmental protest group, armed with a dude in a sun costume and a large, papier mache statue of Barnaby Joyce with money in his pocket and a bottle of wine labelled "New England Gas".


6. Before the show started, a woman came out and laid down some ground rules – one of which was phones off, and no tweeting!

Turns out you can't live tweet while being at Q&A live.

8. People clapped for Fiona Simson. People clapped for Joel Fitzgibbon. People clapped for Robbie Sefton. People cheered for Barnaby Joyce. And people went absolutely fuckin' nuts for Tony Windsor.


Joyce himself looked particularly surprised by the reaction to Windsor pre show - his jolly smile dropping flat. He kinda looked like Chris Christie did when he was standing behind Donald Trump thinking about what he'd done. Eventually, Joyce was smiling again.


9. Tony Jones likes to tell jokes and anecdotes. Also there's a fair share of awkward tension between him and Barnaby.


You know how before Q&A starts there's that 10-second clip of Tony Jones saying "Welcome to Q&A, catch us right after this, blah blah blah"? Yeah, well, right after that there's 90 seconds of time Jones has to fill and keep the audience in check. He chose to do so by urging deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce to sing.

Joyce was not into it.

Then Jones told some story about Bill Gates and him singing "The Girl from Ipanema", to try to ease Joyce into it.

Joyce still did not sing.

10. There's a teleprompter!

Brad Esposito for BuzzFeed News

Yeah, forgive me for believing in the skills of Tony Jones, but the dude has a huge screen in the middle of the audience telling him to move along, or go to another questioner.

12. There were about three or four people who were told before the show they'd be asking a question, who didn't get the time to do so.

One of them was medicinal cannabis advocate Lucy Haslam, who got the second biggest pop of the night when it was announced she was going to ask a question.

13. There was heckling, or specifically, a heckler, who really wasn't buying any of Joyce's takes on the NBN.


At one point, Joyce brought up Netflix as a comparison for fast internet speeds. The dude wasn't having it, screaming about how the people of Tamworth don't care about Netflix, they just want to be able to run their businesses.

14. But the NBN did dominate discussion, and Windsor got the biggest pop of the night when he was asked about how he'd fix the New England area's connectivity issues.

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