10 Things You Can Buy Instead Of A Private Forum With Joe Hockey

    Australian treasurer Joe Hockey is offering private access to business and industry representatives in return for upwards of tens of thousand of dollars.

    1. 44000 McDonald's Soft Serve Cones.

    2. Pay your friend $22,000 to wear a Nickelback shirt all day, every day, for a year.

    3. Decorate your whole home with Nicholas Cage pillow cases ($15 each)

    4. A lifetime supply of Vegemite ($7)

    5. 2 x Giant Penis Sculptures.


    7. Travel the world.

    $20,000 goes a long way.

    8. 118 x Infant Circumcision Trainers ($185)

    9. 50 $400 photos with Avril Levigne.

    10. And 111 Tours of the Great Barrier Reef (around $180 each)