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The Ultimate Diet To Hack Your Life.

It's made up of 50-60% fats! Healthy fats, that is...

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The 'Bulletproof Diet' was created by Dave Asprey.

He's a Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur who spent 15 years and $300,000 of his own money to figure out the supreme ways to hack your body into ultimate functionality.

"Bulletproof" is more than a diet.

Biohacking starts with diet and ends with meditation, vitamins and exercise. Asprey's key requirements for his diet were to provide nutrition, feed your brain, fuel your body, optimize your physical performance and keep you satisfied.

It's not just salad and boring low-fat meals.

In fact, the Bulletproof Diet is one of high fat - but don't worry, these fats are good for you. Asprey encourages high calorie food as long as it's the right type of food. Your body was designed to be satisfied, not starved.

A key component is eating things that lived a happy, well nourished life.

No, don't eat Christina Aguilera. Red meat and large animals are your friend. I'm talkin' Bison, Sheep and Cows. The quality of the meat is also imperative - you should be looking at eating only grass-fed meat that has been humanely treated. Say goodbye to battery-farms.

Fat is good! Fat is great!

And no, butter isn't a carb. But grass-fed butter is a healthy fat! Rendered animal fat is also great. These fats are clean burning, nutritious and a great energy source. It also means that bacon is DEFINITELY on the menu.

You're gonna have to give up gluten and grains.

It'll be hard at first. But after a while you'll begin to notice how much better your body is feeling. Grains are just a low-nutrient form of sugar. Think about how bread is made and the dough that is formed. Now imagine that dough in your stomach. Not a pretty sight, is it?


TRUST ME ON THIS. What I'm about to say may shock you - but try it once and you'll be doing it every day for the rest of your life. Asprey is the creator of "Bulletproof Coffee." It incorporates grass-fed butter or Ghee (about a stick or 50g) and MCT Oil. MCT Oil is what you'd get if Coconut Oil and Steroids had a baby. Once you blend this delicious trio together you'll find the high-fat start to your day (remember, fat is your friend) becoming a necessity.

And Asprey has covered a range of 'Biohacks.'

These include Whole Body Vibration Training which dramatically cuts down your workout time and is great for elderly people as well, and Sleep Hacking, which trust me, you don't know you need until you try it.

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