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The Social Hierarchy Of The World (Part Two)

Enough about The Circle of Life and more about The Circle of Cool. Today we look at The Nerds of the animal world. Enjoy.

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The Desert Mole Rat (Nerd)


Come on. Seriously? Im almost wondering if this image will get blurred by the anti-pornography sensors on Buzzfeed. Life's pretty tough when you're THAT guy at class always trying to make friends, but for some reason no one wants anything to do with you. Could it have something to do with the fact that you look like a foreskin with teeth? Maybe.

The Eel (Nerd)


When you're universally classed as a 'Bottomfeeder," things aren't looking too good to begin with. Add to that the fact you have no arms or legs and skin with more wrinkles than an old mans ball sack and you got yourself a nerd.

Chameleon (Nerd)


There's always that one nerd that's slightly cooler than the rest. Still not cool - but 'cooler' than the other nerds. That's this guy. Able to gain unlimited nerd points by sneaking into the girls change room chamo-style, the Chameleon was probably cool at a young age before the rest of the school realised it's not normal to have eyes that swivel 360 degrees. Bad luck buddy.

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