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The Social Hierarchy Of The World (Part Three)

Enough about The Circle of Life and more about The Circle of Cool. Today we look at The Rebels of the animal world. Enjoy.

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The Wolf (Rebel)


The term "Lone Wolf" exists for a reason. When you spend all your time in the snow it certainly begins to affect your attitude ("The Grinch," et al). These gnarly motherfuckers can eat 20 pounds of meat in a single meal. That's like you going to Mcdonald's and eating 100 HAMBURGERS (you do not need to prove this to me) To top it off, they're born both blind and deaf - so they even rebel against the senses.

The Quetzal (Rebel)


There is so much individuality pouring out of this bad-ass. Mohawk. Crazy dyed hair. Penchant to fly away. All there. The Quetzal is an odd choice - but was mainly selected because of its refusal to be kept in captivity. Instead of settling down in his new cage The Quetzal hurls itself at the bars until it dies. That's one bad motherfucker.

The Pig (Rebel)


Disgusting or not - spending all day rolling in your own shit is pretty rebellious. They also love going against the social curve of what a 'normal' family is by pumping out up to 400 piglets in their lifetime. Also, George Orwell wrote a neat little book on rebellion and the pigs were the main characters.

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