The 20 Stages Of Getting Your Hair Cut

Forget global warming — this is the real inconvenient truth.

1. Your hair looks amazing the day before.

2. But you’ve made up your mind. This is happening. There will be NO MORE chickening out.

3. You walk into the Hairdressers. You have to leave. NOW.

4. But it’s too late. They’ve seen you, and they usher you over.

5. You tell the Hairdresser how you’d like them to cut your hair.

6. They politely disagree.

7. And they offer their own advice.

8. You give up and decide to just let it happen.

9. They wet your hair and brush it in the opposite direction and you’re like -

10. They bring the scissors out and start cutting. It ACTUALLY hurts.

11. They notice your anguish and offer you a drink.

12. You’ve reached the half way point - and you’re actually beginning to like how you look.

13. You consider a future career as a model.

14. But these thoughts are quickly shunned as the Hairdresser continues to cut.

15. They put the scissors down and you’re like -

16. They ask you how you like it.

17. And you’re like -

18. You walk outside trying to be cool

19. But you can’t lie for long.

20. Well - at least there’s always alcohol.

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