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The 12 Types Of People You See At 'Big Day Out.'

Australia is known for it's multiculturalism. But not in this way...

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1. The awkward teenager at their first music festival.

"Where's mum?"



2. The 30-40 year old desperately holding onto their youth.

3. The girl who continually asks EVERYONE if she can get on their shoulders.

I'm trying to enjoy myself. Quit it.

4. The teenager at the gate who just got caught by a sniffer-dog.

"B-b-but it's for a friend."

5. The people who came "just for the music."

You're right - I'd never understand 'Odd Future' as much as you do.

You're right - I'd never understand 'Odd Future' as much as you do.

6. Ravers who have taken WAY too many illicit substances.

7. The "I have to document all of this on my phone" guy.

8. The couple having the DUMBEST fight of all time.

"Well why THE FUCK did you let her sit on your shoulders?!?"

"How come you got yourself some corn-on-a-stick and not me?!?"

9. The guy who worked out for 12 SOLID MONTHS for this moment but forgot that he had legs.

10. These 'adlays.'

11. The one person who decided it'd be original to wear a horse mask.

Every. Time.

12. And the people that constantly complain about "how shit the line-up has been for the last couple of years."

And yet they come every year.

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