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Good And Bad Reasons Surrounding Ben Affleck As Batman

There's been plenty of debate. It's time to settle this.

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Bad - He's already had his turn.


We all thought this was just a horrible dream. In 2003, Affleck was cast as 'Daredevil' - the superhero whose lack of sight dramatically improves his other senses. It's fair to say the movie didn't quite live up to expectations...and neither did Affleck.

Good - It's not Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


We all remember where we were when we watched "The Dark Knight Rises." Similarly, we all remember how we cringed when JGL's seemingly un-named character turn out to be named Robin. From that point, the rumours started pouring in surrounding him as the new Batman. Let me just say: THANK THE LORD HE IS NOT. Nothing against the man, but when the closest thing to superhero action films you've done is ride a bicycle really quick you have a lot to worry about.

Bad - Gigli, Surviving Christmas, Reindeer Games, Phantoms, Paycheck, Jersey Girl.


Ben Affleck's track record speaks for itself. For every "The Town," there's a "Reindeer Games." Although judging from his recent progress maybe he's finally escaped his dark, terribly acted past. Maybe.

Good - Possible Damon/Affleck team up. Matt Damon as Robin?


They wrote a movie together. They won an Oscar together. It makes sense that they play one of the most famous crime-fighting duos together.

Bad - Christian Bale's massive shadow.


Christian Bale is a complicated God amongst simple men. His portrayal of Batman (even with the grizzly Bat-voice) was hands down the best so far, which means Affleck's job is not an easy one. It will be hard for him to perform without being constantly compared to "The Real Dark Knight." It's one of those questions that will likely never be answered, like "How many licks to the centre of a Tootsie-Pop." Can anyone do a better job than Christian Bale?

Ultimately, there's more to it.


Ultimately, maybe it's not as big a deal as we would all like to think it is? Maybe global events deserve a bigger spectacle than who the next Batman is? Or maybe...

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