There’s A Spanish Version Of “Breaking Bad” And It’s Insane

It’s true. Breaking Bad isn’t quite over yet. Well it is. But now you can watch it in Spanish! Ah Colombia, I love you.

1. First - watch this.

That’s right. It’s real.

2. Forget Walter White. Meet Walter Blanco!

Whilst Walter White is just some loser chemistry teacher, Walter Blanco is…well…still a chemistry teacher. But a Colombian one!

3. Walter Blanco loves spending his time with his wife - Skyler…I mean…Cielo Blanco

4. And his son - Walter Blanco Jnr.


5. This is his brother-in-law, Henry Navarro.

He works for the police and their drug enforcement agency.

6. And Henry Navarro has a partner…let’s just call him Gomez.

Ah Gomey, I love ya.

7. Walter Blanco finds out he has cancer.

It always hurts when Walter finds out. Even in Spanish.

8. So he decides to go into business with an old student of his - Jose Miguel Rosas.

9. Who looks a lot like a Colombian Andy Samberg.

10. They make crystal meth together in an old school bus :)

11. Oh yeh - this is Walter Blanco’s nosey sister-in-law.


12. Jose Miguel Rosas is a bit of a dummy…

13. And gets involved with the wrong people.

Let’s call him “El Loco Ocho.”

14. So it’s up to Walter Blanco to save the day.

15. And he does!

16. And that’s only the beginning!

17. I can’t wait to see what Walter Blanco and the gang get up to next.

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