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Fully Flared

Amazing skating video directed by spike jonze and ty evans with music by unkle. Pretty breathtaking.

brad drac 10 years ago

Bobby McFerrin Playing a Crowd

From the world science festival 2009, bobby mcferrin shows the universality of people's familiarity with the pentatonic scale.

brad drac 10 years ago

Make Our Very Own Ceiling Cat

Now everyone can have the comfort of being watched while doing whatever it is that you do in the privacy of your own home. Huzzah!

brad drac 10 years ago

Book Art Photography

"American photographer Thomas Allen constructs witty and clever dioramas using figures cut from the covers of old pulp paperbacks. Using salacious pulp art drawing’s of the ’40s and ’50s that covered books such as ” I Married a Dead Man” and ” Marihuana Girl’, Allen constructs one set of pictures up close while obscuring another, and in the process creates a different context. Each piece is given a brand new storyline, though never quite strays from their cheeky origins."

brad drac 10 years ago

Thru-you - Mother of All Funk Chords

Earlier this year some guy bemonikered Kutiman trawled youtube for videos of people playing music, then spliced them together to make cohesive and enjoyable songs. The full album is at and is well worth checking out.

brad drac 10 years ago

Ditty After Dentist

Interesting take on the viral remix. The internet sure churns together a lot of weird & interesting nonsense.

brad drac 10 years ago


As if cats don't already think they're better than us enough, someone gave this smug bastard a suit and top hat. From 1906 if the text is to be believed.

brad drac 10 years ago