Top 16 Movie Bullies

Today is Stop Bullying Day and a fine time to remember some very famous movie bullies who needed to be put in their place. Which bully were you most glad to see stopped? To vote for your favorites and view more great lists, please go to

1. 16. Chet Donnelly, Weird Science

2. 15. Marianne, Easy A

3. 14. Bobby Kent, Bully

4. 13. Deebo, Friday

5. 12. Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter

6. 11. Nurse Ratched, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

7. 10. The O’Doyle Family, Billy Madison

8. 9. Richard Vernon, The Breakfast Club

9. 8. John Bender, The Breakfast Club

10. 7. Fred O’Bannion, Dazed and Confused

11. 6. Mr. Potter, It’s A Wonderful Life

12. 5. Buzz, Home Alone

13. 4. Johnny Lawrence, The Karate Kid

14. 3. Scot Farkus, A Christmas Story

15. 2. Regina George, Mean Girls

16. 1. Biff, Back to the Future

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